A Place for Youth

It is often said that youth are the future of the church.  It’s not true – we’re the NOW.  At Southminster-Steinhauer we know that young adults are amazing people capable of brilliance, depth, and leadership.  This isn’t a place we “graduate from.” It’s a place where we can explore and practice the skills of living a life of value and meaning – a place where we live and learn the kind of values that ultimately will help us build the kind of world we want to live in.

What’s here for us?

As a community of youth at Southminster-Steinhauer, we attempt to learn about the world, others, and ourselves by doing  things that make a difference in life. Whether it’s meeting every Sunday morning in Youth Cafe, retreats, or at a fun weekend event, you can be sure that we want to learn, help, live a life of compassion and meaning, all while having fun and making the kind of relationships that last a lifetime.


Southminster-Steinhauer takes the safety of our youth seriously. For more information about how we do that, please visit our page regarding our commitment to safety.

Check out the pics below the kind of fun we have together.

 Fun at LaserQuest


Serving cupcakes to thousands:


This fall, we designed, created and debuted a stop-motion animation. Check it out:


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