As a community exploring an expansive christian journey, we know how challenging it can be to find liturgical and musical resources.  The following are a few of the resources we continue to create and some others that we’ve found helpful along the way.  You are welcome to use what you find here and we ask that you credit sources where appropriate.

Southminster-Steinhauer Gathering Orders by Sunday Theme

Celebrations of Baptism

Celebrations Around the Table



Other Resources:

Non-Theistic Liturgy Resources -  St. Stephen’s College, Edmonton

Westhill United Church 

C3Exchange: inclusive spiritual community

CCPC Conference August 2013  Orders of Service 

Carolyn McDade, author, poet, musician.

I Need to Move; a rEvolve Songbook.  rEvolve Music  (Chris Giffen, Gord Oaks, Josh McHan)

The Wonder of Life: Songs for the Spirit, Words and Music of Scott Kearns. Available here.

Sing it Forward: Traditional Hymns Recast and Rewritten for Non-exclusive Spiritual Communities. Compiled by Gretta Vosper and Scott Kearns.  Available here.

Holy Breath: Prayers for Worship and Reflection. Gretta Vosper. Available here.

Another Breath: Prayers for Celebration and Reflection. Gretta Vosper. Available here.