Progressive Christian Network

This is a place for progressive, expansive, and/or post-theistic Christians across denominational lines to connect, share resources and support one another. We are people of many christian communities, including the United Church, Anglican, Lutheran, Unitarian, and those of no organized christian community. We are academics and enthusiasts, clergy and lay persons, seekers and explorers of the spiritual. We represent a spectrum of progressive christian thought from gently exploring to radical, from making shifts within traditional congregations to those who contribute from the edges of exile.

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Introducing, A new Speakers Series:



Thought-provoking talks that go BEYOND the expected and are geared for the inquisitive,
the open-minded, the spiritually curious.

Following is the complete schedule for the premiere 2017-18 season of BEYOND. All presentations, open to the public free of charge, will begin at 7 p.m., and will take place at SSUC, 10740-19 Avenue NW, Edmonton. Please note that programming is subject to change. 


October 11: The Preaching of Playwrights

Artistic director of Calgary’s venturesome Fire Exit Theatre, Val Lieske will affirm, “Stories, instead of only sermons, speak truth to a society desperate for it.”


November 8: Grief Matters

Grief—a journey we all inevitably face. But onetime nurse and award-winning poet, Marjorie Zelent, will address the importance of grieving, then finding ways to heal.


December 6: Educating Muslim Youth for a Changing World

Head of School at Edmonton Islamic Academy, Mona Nashman-Smith, whom Queen Elizabeth honoured for helming a school in Oman, will describe learning here and there.


January 10: Called to Resist

Kurt Katzmar will tell of the church that ordained him, the United Church of Christ, the one called “the most progressive
American Protestant church.”


February 7: The Ethics of Living and Dying: The Choices We Face

Minister of the Unitarian Church of Edmonton, Brian Kiely will point up “the human dimension of choice in dying, and planning our last years well.”


March 14: A Man for All Seasons

Joseph Wiebe, who’s just authored a book about prophet and poet Wendell Berry, will introduce this societal sage, who’s called “the sanest man in America.”


April 11: Oil and Water? The Intersection of Religion and Public Life

Mixing religion into civic life can be humanitarian and helpful…really…Ian Wilson will warrant. He’s the newly appointed
director of the Chester Ronning Centre.


May 9: Back to the Future 

Avenue magazine honoured Conor Kerr as a “Top 40 Under 40.” Why? “He’s safeguarding the future of Aboriginal kids by connecting them to their past.”



Follow our Facebook page for up-to-the-minute events and postings: