Our Identity Statement


We are spiritual seekers united in community who are:

  • Celebrating Diversity
  • Making a Difference
  • Inspiring Compassion
  • Engaging Life with Spiritual Depth

We are living this out by:

  • Affirming the sacredness and connectedness of all life.
  • Learning and living the teachings of the Jesus tradition, yet reaching to new and renewed understandings.
  • Exploring values that help us live and act collectively with integrity, justice and social responsibility.
  • Drawing from diverse sources of wisdom to deepen our engagement with life.
  • Encouraging and celebrating a diverse and inclusive community where our common humanity is honoured in a trusting atmosphere of mutual respect and support.
  • Seeking to live the vision and values of the Earth Charter by living out principles of ecological integrity, democracy, non-violence and peace.
  • Actively supporting and advocating for the affirmation and inclusion of all ages, gender expressions and sexualities.

*This statement is subject to congregational adoption March 2016.