kidSPIRIT is our innovative and engaging program for children in preschool through Grade six.  When we meet each Sunday morning at 10:00 am, we engage the spirits and explore the positive values that we can celebrate together. Some of these positive spiritual values include kindness, compassion, love, the attributes of good friendships – to name just a few. Infused with everything we do is a respect for our diversity, an honouring of our children’s developing spirits and the honour and celebration of the sacred in and around each of us.

Led by staff and committed volunteers, we provide both a multi-age large-group experience where children have an opportunity to learn from older children, help younger children and respect one another’s journeys. Likewise, each morning includes time when children engage, play and learn in small groups with others their age, all led by capable mentoring adults in a safe environment.

We are rooted in our spiritual tradition, yet like all of our learning adventures, we seek the wisdom of other cultures, other faiths, and diverse writers and teachers. This is all part of sharing a value-oriented and life-giving spiritual experience with our children. Sharing a story, a drama, or an interactive experience, participating in games and activities, creating interesting snacks and art projects, experiencing both active engagement and quiet experiences of the spiritual life are all a part of our Sunday experiences with our children. kidSPIRIT is about offering to children something that illuminates the world, our spirits and our lives in positive ways.

Southminster-Steinhauer takes the safety and protection of children seriously. Please visit our page that speaks more about our commitment to safety.

Our 2015-16 Program:

Each week, children will explore a different value and story related to how we are different from each other and how that inspires us to learn from one another. As we explore our common humanity, we’re reminded that our spiritual tradition has always taught us to love both ourselves and our neighbour as a way of making the world a better place.




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